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Gaffer |  Camera Operator

After graduating from undergrad with a degree in French, Dana Fytelson joined AmeriCorps and spent a year traveling around the Midwest helping underprivileged youth, the homeless, and flood victims, which opened her eyes to worlds that she wouldn't have otherwise known.  These experiences solidified her love for storytelling and drove her toward a new passion: telling stories through film. Dana started the MFA in Production program at Florida State University, and after the first week of classes, discovered a love for cinematography.


Since graduating, Dana has gone on to work in the industry as a productive member of G&E and Camera teams.  She has worked in Florida, Georgia, and New York City.  She has worked on more than 50 shorts, features, and commercials in every set position, but her passion will forever lie in cameras and lights.  With her eyes set on the big picture, Dana hopes to continue to shoot beautiful films that will open the eyes of others to worlds they don't easily have a chance to experience.

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