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Director of Photography

Originally from the small town of Kernersville, North Carolina, Jennifer has lived in the city of Los Angeles for the past six years, pursuing her goal of being a filmmaker. Her first job in the city was at Yogurtland... but Jennifer quickly progressed, securing a position at the local film equipment supply, Filmtools, where she was able to meet many of the contacts and friends who made it possible to start getting involved on sets of every genre and budget. Since "breaking in" to the industry with her debut as a 1st Assistant Camera on "Pizza and Bullets," Jennifer has been Director of Photography on over 19 shorts, several web series, and various commercials and junkets in places ranging from Los Angeles to Oregon, Texas, and Utah. Always a fan of symmetry in images, Jennifer's "style" as a cinematographer has no set rules as it adapts to the character of each individual film, but she always strives for a natural, real-world look, finding beauty in the images we see before us every day.

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